Creativity has been a hallmark of the Uncle Billy’s brewing process. That creativity fostered a natural growth from brewing into distilling and the release of Uncle Billy’s Spirits. The unique flavor profiles during the final process of producing Uncle Billy’s Spirits is achieved by artfully blending, aging, and packaging craft spirits to create a delicious product.

Barton Springs Vodka

Uncle Billys' Barton Springs Vodka takes its inspiration from William "Uncle Billy" Barton, the Texas settler who, in the 1830s, established a homestead on the land that is now home to Barton Springs Pool. Our vodka is as true as Uncle Billy's heart, smooth as a river rock, and refreshing as a plunge in Barton Springs Pool.

Uncle Billy’s Barton Springs Vodka is made with locally-sourced, full-proof vodka made from 100% corn. The base vodka is carbon-filtered and artfully finished on site at Uncle Billy’s. The Vodka is proofed using the same pure water sourced from the Edwards Aquifer that is used to brew Uncle Billy’s beer.


Our vodka is crystal clear and serene.


Like a spring breeze in Zilker Park, it has sweet lavender and herbal scents.


Uncle Billy’s Vodka is smooth and refreshing, like the first dive in Barton Springs. This super clean sipper has flavors of basil, mint, and anise accented with pepper. It has just enough summer heat to warm you up after a dip while sun-basing near pecan trees.