Creativity has been a hallmark of the Uncle Billy’s brewing process. That creativity fostered a natural growth from brewing into distilling and the release of Uncle Billy’s Spirits. The unique flavor profiles during the final process of producing Uncle Billy’s Spirits is achieved by artfully blending, aging, and packaging craft spirits to create a delicious product.

Bourbon Whiskey

Uncle Billy's Bourbon Whiskey takes its inspiration from William "Uncle Billy" Barton, the Texas settler who, in the 1830s, established a homestead on the land that is now home to Barton Springs Pool. The name was chosen as a reflection of Barton's independent spirit and the laid-back vibe of Austin.

To make its whisky, Uncle Billy’s sources the highest quality Bourbon Whiskey from Indiana. It is made with a mash bill of 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley that is aged 18 months in first use charred American Oak and finished at 96 Proof. The whisky is proofed using the same pure water sourced from the Edwards Aquifer that is used to brew Uncle Billy’s beer.


It glows golden amber in the glass


The scents conjure memories of baked apple pie with aromas of roasted caramel corn, brown sugar, and white pepper.


Like a great night at the dance hall, it has smooth steps of well-balanced sweetness and spice. Uncle Billy’s Bourbon Whiskey has rich layers of baked apple, bright orange zest and white pepper spiciness. It finishes with smooth vanilla with a touch of oak captured in mouth-coating velvit viscosity.