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Brut Squad IPA

By October 25, 20182018, News
Billy's Journal

October 24, 2018

Have you tried a Brut IPA yet?

It is a relatively new beer style that has caught the attention of brewers and beer lovers around the country this year. Our head brewer, Stephen Wagner, couldn’t resist the opportunity to brew a batch. Grab a sample, on the house this Thursday, October 25.

Brut IPA is a crazy dry beer —we’re talkin’ 0° Plato. It gets its dryness from the enzyme amyloglucosidase, which has been used in brewing big, boozy imperial stouts, because it has the ability to break down complex sugars that might not otherwise ferment. That the yeast chow down on a bonus meal during fermentation. And, Shazam, we get an extremely light body and bone dry, even champagne-like finish.

You gotta try this Brut Squad IPA! (Yes, Stephen is on a Princess Bride kick with a second beer named for the movie.) This bright, aromatic beer was dry hopped with more than 3lbs per barrel, giving it huge hop aroma and flavor with a surprisingly low level of bitterness. El Dorado and Mandarina Bavaria hops are the stars of this show, putting the spotlight on big aromas of mandarin orange, stone fruit, mango, and pear, and following with similar floral, fruity flavors. It finishes extremely dry.

Grab a mug and tell us what you think.
BRUT SQUAD | Brut IPA | 6.7% ABV / 21 IBU

Hand Crafted in Austin, Texas