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Meet our Twin Porters

By November 8, 20182018, News
Billy's Journal

November 8, 2018

Introducing Uncle Billy’s Twin Porters, two new American Porters made with Cold Brew Coffee

Autumn in Austin isn’t always cold, but when it is, it calls for a dark, roasty beer. We’ve got just the thing for you – not one, but two new American Porters made with cold brew coffee. Grab a sample of both, on us, on Friday, November 9.

Head brewer, Stephen Wagner, credits his muse for the genesis of these Porters. “My wife inspired these beers. I wanted to brew a Porter, but one that is absolutely memorable. My wife and I were talking about our new espresso and cold pressed coffees at Uncle Billy’s, and she said, ‘how cool would it be if you made a latte beer?’ And that’s where the idea started.”

These two beers may have begun their lives together in the brewhouse, but they definitely developed their own individual personalities. They start with American style Porter with rich coffee and chocolate notes that are thoroughly enhanced by the addition of house-made cold brew. A match made in heaven.

Why choose just one? Enjoy a half pint of each served side by side for the price of a pint.


Made for the black coffee drinker – no frills, just porter and coffee.  It has alluring aroma and flavors of rich coffee and dark chocolate, with subtle fruity plum notes. Dry, roasty finish.


This is the beer for the Caffe Latte lover. What is a latte? It’s espresso topped with creamy steamed milk. To mimic that creaminess, we add lactose sugar to the boil, which gives the Porter a touch of sweetness and fullness to the body. We decided to amp it up by serving it on nitro to ensures a beautiful, creamy mouthfeel. This lovely has distinct coffee and chocolate flavors, but with a decidedly more “latte-like” feel.

These specialty Porters will be served only in the Taproom on Barton Springs Rd.

Hand Crafted in Austin, Texas