Creativity has been a hallmark of the Uncle Billy’s brewing process. That creativity fostered a natural growth from brewing into distilling and the release of Uncle Billy’s Spirits. The unique flavor profiles during the final process of producing Uncle Billy’s Spirits is achieved by artfully blending, aging, and packaging craft spirits to create a delicious product.

Muddy Waters Coffee Liquor

Uncle Billy's Muddy Water is made using Uncle Billys' Bourbon, locally roasted coffee beans, and vanilla beans to create a sophisticated small-batch craft coffee liqueur, we use fresh dark-roasted beans for a bold distinctive coffee flavor that marries incredibly well with the bourbon for a rich, spicy taste that coats the mouth in velvet viscosity. It is as comforting as a bear skin rug in front of the fire. Uncle Billy's Coffee Liqueur wraps you in a roasty warm hug and gives you a sweet kiss of bourbon bliss.


Elegant mahogany color with a lightness of pour-over coffee at the rim.


Rich and aromatic chocolate, caramel, and vanilla scents with a hint of berry on the end.


Muddy Water has a complex, luxurious taste, punctuated by bold, dark roast coffee flavors exquisitely entwined with caramel bourbon flavors, and ample notes of vanilla carried in smooth viscosity without being overly sweet.

Technical Data

Made with Uncle Billy’s Bourbon, Austin Java’s cold pressed coffee and all natural vanilla bean. 23% ALC by VOL /46 proof

Recommended Cocktail Recipes

Uncle Billy’s Muddy Water is delicious on its own, over ice, and in a wide variety of cocktails. Try one of our favorite specialty cocktails.

The Revolver

2 oz Uncle Billy’s Bourbon
1/2 oz Muddy Waters Coffee Liquor
2 Dashes Orange Bitters
add ice and stir for 32 seconds
Strain and serve in coupe

Colorado River Bulldog

In a Rocks Glass
1 oz Uncle Billy’s Vodka
1 oz Muddy Water’s Coffee Liqueur
Top with Cream and a splash of Coca-Cola